Thank you for your interest in (L2P).

L2P is a web application, a Project Management tool by eConsulting Group, Inc. that allows its users to manage projects and share tasks with their team members.

  • If you have a project and needs someone to manage it, please contact us at
  • We will meet with you, in person or in a video conference call, and:

Virtual meeting videoconference eConsulting Group, Inc.

    • Develop Scope for your project,
    • Decompose Scope into the tasks,
    • Allocate resources per each task, through emails, so that tasks members can post their status updates,
    • Create your project schedule and cost baseline,
    • Manage execution of your project, including communication with your team members, status updates, risk analysis, etc.
    • Once we achieve the acceptance criteria, outlined within your project, we will help you close the project.
    • Please note that you can hire our project managers full time or part time.

For more information or if you would like to join us, please fill out the form below.